2023 Indoor League Information

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See the League Information below for additional league organization, rules and guidelines.

Important Dates

Other Info

Team Registration, Fees and Roster

Register using the registration form (DOC) | (PDF) -- completely fill it out and mail to the address on the form. BE SURE TO STATE YOUR 1st & 2nd CHOICE FOR DIVISION!! Please mail early. We MUST have all forms received by the date of the Captains meeting. (You may bring your registration to the Captain's Meeting.) Registration forms will not be accepted after the start of the preseason.

Along with the registration, you must send either the non-refundable registration fee or the total team dues. If paying only the registration fee, one check for the total remaining balance is due by the beginning of the season. Every effort will be made to accommodate all teams wishing to enter, but the teams that have paid in full will have precedence in being placed in their division. There is limited space in each division.

The total team dues and your team's completed Roster/Waiver form are due by the end of the 2nd week of pre-season play. Please note that you must provide signatures on the roster/waiver form. The first page must be filled out, signed by each team member and the original mailed in or turned into an HVBA Board member or your Division Representative. Captains keep a copy for your use and reference. The second page is for the Captain's use to maintain team members contact information and optionally, can be submitted. For each addition to your roster, have them sign and provide the HVBA with the original. See Important Dates above for the cut-off for additions & deletions of team members on your roster. If other circumstances (injury, leaving town) require you to add members after that date, you may do so only after approval by the league representative and the HVBA Board. A player must play in at least 1/4 of the regular season matches to qualify to play in the end-of-season league tournament (no stacking teams for tournament play).

HVBA will not accept incomplete payments. After the end of the first week of preseason play, any team that has not paid its entire league fee will be dropped from the league and will forfeit its registration fee. Any team that drops out of this registration process will forfeit its registration fee.

Nights and Gyms

 Division   Night   Gym(s) 
A / Upper BB  Mon; secondary nights are Tue, Thu   TBA 
BB / Upper B  Tue; secondary nights are Mon, Thu  TBA 
B  Tue; secondary nights are Mon, Thu   TBA 
CC  Wed; secondary nights are Thu, Mon, Tue   TBA 
C  Thu; secondary nights are Wed, Mon, Tue   TBA 

See our map page for Gym locations and directions. RCVC Info. See your team schedule for specifics.


If you are not on a team or are looking for players to form, or add to a team, please visit our Teamless List page for information.

Dates for teamless play are posted above.

League Organization, Rules and Guidelines

The minimum age is 18 years old (due to liability concerns). There are 5 skill divisions – A, BB, B, CC and C (from highest to lowest). See the Skill Level page for a description of skills required to play in each division. HVBA reserves the right to place your team in a division based on needs of the HVBA, previous year(s) results and team skill evaluation.

Each night consists of 2 matches of play and 1 match of officiating for each team. Each match will consist of 3 games to 25 points (rally scoring). Usually, each team has one week per month in which they are not scheduled to play.

Teams in the indoor league can be coed, but there is no requirement for numbers of men or women that play on a team – you can have any number (or none) of either. But, teams play on a men's height net (7' 11 5/8").

Teams must play with 6 players. The HVBA follows USA Volleyball Indoor Rules. Rule modifications for HVBA are covered in the mandatory Referee Clinic/Meeting and handout. Additional information covered in the ref clinic is included in these documents: general info and guidelines and illustrations.

Each division has a Division Representative who is the person "on-site" to enforce rules and policies, resolve issues and maintain the division statistics on a weekly basis. Each team has a Captain and co-Captain responsible for team rosters, fees, lineups, referee assignments and maintaining contact with each team member. Each team will referee one match per night – providing a first and second referee, line judges and a score keeper. Each player also has responsibilities they should follow to help things run smoothly.

Obviously, the availability and use of the gyms is very important, and everyone should be aware of the policies covering the gyms.

Other Rules/Guidelines

Additional rules, bylaws and guidelines can be found here. A few are listed below. See the document covering these for detailed information.

Last Modified on 7/5/2023