Juniors Volleyball

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The Huntsville Volleyball Association runs leagues for adults 18 years and older.

School Volleyball

The Huntsville area offers many opportunities for juniors to get started in, and pursue competitive volleyball. Grade school and middle school volleyball is a great introduction to gauge potential and interest in the sport. High school volleyball programs are for the "next level" player, possibly interested in being recruited for college volleyball.

Recreation Services Volleyball

The Recreation Services in the Huntsville area run Juniors Volleyball Leagues during the late summer and early fall. Registration starts in mid July, practices begin in August, and game play begins in September and runs through the end of October. These leaguea are for boys & girls (coed teams), with age groups/teams for 10 years & Under (10U), 12 & Under (12U), 15 & Under (15U), and 18 & Under (18U). There are several different areas/leagues in and around the city for each age group. For Huntsville City, contact the Huntsville Recreation and Parks and/or the Optimist Park or Fern Bell Recreation Center for signup dates. Volleyball camps and clinics are also held at these Centers. Contact and additional information can be found at:

Club Volleyball

Club volleyball is to prepare players for the next level of competition by offering additional opportunities for players to practice and play in local and out-of-area (travel) tournaments. There are several Junior Volleyball Clubs in the Huntsville area that have team tryouts in October/November. The season runs from December through April. Teams qualifying to play in Junior Olympic and other National Championships usually play through June. Contact and additional information can be found at their websites.

Other Volleyball

Just about every high school and university has volleyball camps and clinics; mainly in the summer, but also throughout the year. These are great opportunities for learning and meeting other players in the same age group. Check school athletic departments and websites for information. The Club Volleyball websites often list these camps and clinics. See the HVBA Links page for additional resources.


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