Teamless Player List

Teamless List (pdf format)

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Teamless List and Floating Subs

Team Captains are encouraged to use the Teamless/Sub list if they need a sub or if they are trying to add a player to their roster.

Players that are looking for teams can be added to the Teamless List. Players on the Teamless List must submit the 2 highest skill divisions in which they feel they are qualified to play **. After the beginning of the regular season, players on the Teamless List can then act as Floating Subs. They can then only play as subs in those divisions they have submitted. (HVBA reserves the right to evaluate and modify that submission if deemed below the player's skill level.)

Floating Subs can be called up to play, to help fill in on any team within the divisions they are qualified, without having to be on a team's official roster. This helps out teams that know they are going to be short of players and/or gives those on the teamless list a chance to play and/or "tryout".

It's up to the Team Captain to contact a player from the Floating Sub List. The Team Captain must make sure subs are aware of HVBA practices, rules and protocols. Unless fully qualified, make sure the sub's officiating duties are limited to score flipping or line judging.

Subs from the Teamless List can only sub for any individual team a maximum of three (3) times (three separate nights). Any player that subs for the same team a fourth (4th) time must be added to that team's roster and/or is no longer eligible to sub for any other team.
  a) It is the Captain's responsibility to add to his/her team's roster any player
      that subs for his/her team more than three (3) times.
  b) It is the player's responsibility to decline to play a fourth (4th) time if he/she
      wishes to be eligible to sub for any other teams.

If there is a good match between the floating sub and the team, the team captain can put the player on their roster as a permanent player or sub. If that happens, you must notify the HVBA and that info will be passed to the Division Rep. The player will be taken off the teamless/floating sub list and once they join a team, cannot go back to the floating list until the next season. They must sign a roster-waiver form which has to be mailed or turned in. It's up to the Team Captain to work out any fees they want to charge the player added.

See the rules for Rosters for additional information and restrictions.

** If Players on the Teamless List have listed more than two divisions, only the higher two are allowable. If a player has listed only one division, they can play that division plus the next higher division - i.e. they are eligible to play "up" one division, but never down. In the case of only listing "A" Division, that player can also sub in "BB".